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Lake Mary Fit Club is a unique fitness gym like no other. Our customized fat burning bootcamps, group exercise classes, wellness and nutrition coaching will empower and educate you to become the fit person you are mean to be. Our promise is to provide you with a health and wellness experience like none other!

Led by owner and local TV fitness expert, KK Hart, Lake Mary Fit Club was founded from our vision to give Lake Mary residents a comprehensive health and wellness experience… leading to long lasting results, increased confidence, healthy living and re-engineering your body while having fun. We offer a variety of classes to inspire you to lose weight, while building your self-esteem and having fun! Feeling strong is empowering. No matter what shape or size you are, do what you love, see the results! That’s why we say: “Get Fit. Have Fun. Join the Club!” We pride ourselves on being more than just another gym. What does this mean?

1) We hold you accountable 👭– At a typical gym 90% of people stop attending within their first 90 days of joining. At FIT club our average client comes 4x per week. Did you know that gyms are actually trained to not follow up with you because you are more likely to cancel your membership? If you disappear we will find you and so will our others clients. :)
We sincerely care about you getting results! In order to get results we need to see you at least 3 to 4x a week.
2) We provide group personal training 💪– At a gym you get access to equipment. At our facility you get cutting edge training and nutritional advice. We ensure that you are doing things safely and correctly all while motivating and encouraging you to give your best effort.
3) You are a more than just a number💯– At a gym you are just that, a number. At FIT club we know who you are and we are here to help you every step of the way. You will always matter to us. Gyms make money off of having 1,000’s of members and hoping that they don’t show up. We expect you to show up and want you to be there.
4) Continued Support💓- If you decide to be a client of ours you will get continued support. No matter where you are in your fitness journey we are always available to help you. When you join a gym the only way you get help is if you hire a personal trainer. We also place you in our private Facebook group for members only! You can never have too much support.
5) Community 👪– Research has shown the number #1 thing people need to be successful is community. If I have done anything right since launching my fitness business it’s establishing a community. We support, encourage and motivates each other. Hopefully, you’ve created some awesome relationships over the past 3 weeks. This is by far my favorite thing to see. When one person loses a pound we all lose a pound.
The truth is only 5% of people who go to a gym get results. They are either super motivated individuals or they’ve hired a personal trainer. The average personal training session costs $60 an hour. All it takes to be a personal trainer is a high school diploma and a couple hundred dollars. If you were to hire a personal trainer to work with you 3-4x a week you are looking at $200+ a week and anywhere from $720 to well over $1,000 a month. Most people do not have that kind of money to invest in a one-on-one personal trainer. In addition, many trainers do not know the first thing about nutrition.This component is vital if you want to get lasting results like our clients who have lost 20, 30, 50 and 100+ pounds in just a year.
I believe our track record speaks for itself.
At FIT club, we bridge the gap between what a gym membership and personal training would cost you.
We provide all the benefits of personal training such as:
💃Ensuring you are doing the exercises safely and correctly.
👍Motivating you to give your best effort.
⏰Providing the most effective workouts in the shortest period of time. With results GUARANTEED*!

“We live in a world where human nature is procrastination, we are always waiting for the “right time”, and the right time is NOW! Come and join us for a new experience which will motivate you to make positive changes in your life! We dare you to take the challenge and “join the club!”

dumbbell-128Small Group Personal Training
Unlimited small group personal training sessions. We offer over 30 sessions a week, from 530am through 7pm. You can come as many times as you like! All sessions are lead by our passionate and professional trainers to keep you safe and motivated. You are NOT a number to us! Take a glance into what a session looks like- personalized support, modifications for all fitness levels and only 30 minute fat burning sessions… no workout is ever the same!
Food-Dome-128Custom Nutrition
No cookie cutter nutrition program here. At the heart of our program is our custom nutrition program. We will ensure you are eating the optimal amounts of protein, fats, and carbs to optimize your bodies ability to burn as much fat as possible. To get you results for a lifetime!
lifesaverAccountability & Support
You will be assigned your very own coach (we say FIT friend!) who will help guide you every step of the way and hold you accountable via weekly progress reports. We also have a VIP Private Facebook Group where your peers and our entire team of professionals will help keep you motivated and supported throughout your fitness journey.

No perfect people allowed- or experience necessary. What are you waiting for? Try your 3 days FREE now! “Get fit. Have fun. Join the club!”


KK and the Lake Mary Fit Club team

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