*Why Lake Mary Fit Club?
With our knowledge of the area, we wanted to create a best in class fitness facility- with highly effective fat burning bootcamps from 530am to 7pm daily, while offering unique dance and fitness workouts focused on having fun while getting fit while having fun.  We can’t wait for you to try us out and lose weight GUARANTEED! Try 2 weeks for only $30!
*What can I expect?
The great thing about Fit Club bootcamps is you never know what to expect. Not only do we leave you guessing, but also your body. The workouts never let your body get in a comfort zone. Our bootcamps are exciting and fun, they are not like any other class you have taken, they leave you exhausted but exhilarated. You will actually find yourself excited for the next session!
*You will feel results immediately, but you will most likely see your results within 2 or 3 weeks of starting the program. You will:
  1. Lose weight: about 2 pounds a week, without fad diets
  2. Tone muscles in the fastest time possible
  3. Look your best and feel better than ever
  4. Increase energy and become a calorie burning machine
  5. See real results that last
  6. Make great friends and have fun!!
*Is this program right for me?
Absolutely- our bootcamps & classes are for EVERYbody! Fit Club is for all ages and fitness abilities. Don’t be intimidated, you will be surprised how far you will come in a short amount of time and how many different women of all abilities are currently thriving in the program. From first timers working out and grandmothers, to elite athletes, Fit Club bootcamps are designed for you. We have modifications for all the exercises and you will never be left behind. We will help you find your level and respect your limits. All coaches are well versed in modifications and will help you in any way possible!
*What are the bootcamps like? How can you guarantee I will lose weight?
Fat burning 30 minute bootcamps are our specialty! Think 30 minutes isn’t enough time to get a good workout? Come try a bootcamp and see the Fit Club difference! Our trainer-led bootcamps are unique because we:
– Simple, accountability and enhanced fitness tracking through a pre-registration system on MindBodyOnline
We guarantee you will lose weight if you log a minimum of 4 classes each week in MindBodyOnline and meet with KK for a nutrition coaching session once monthly- it’s that easy!*
– Provide complimentary wellness and nutrition coaching, utilizing decades of experience in health and fitness by our team. THIS is the secret to your success- proper education, no fads and results on your terms… GUARANTEED!
*What’s an average cost to be a member at Lake Mary Fit Club? 
We don’t believe anyone or anything is average! Because of this, all of our memberships are created CUSTOM to your needs. No cookie cutter options here!
The truth is only 5% of people who go to a gym get results. They are either super motivated individuals or they’ve hired a personal trainer. The average personal training session costs $60 an hour. All it takes to be a personal trainer is a high school diploma and a couple hundred dollars. If you were to hire a personal trainer to work with you 3-4x a week you are looking at $200+ a week and anywhere from $720 to well over $1,000 a month. Most people do not have that kind of money to invest in a one-on-one personal trainer. In addition, many trainers do not know the first thing about nutrition.This component is vital if you want to get lasting results like our clients who have lost 20, 30, 50 and 100+ pounds in just a year. Many memberships we have created start at $59! Make no excuse-come in, do the work… and WE WILL WORK WITH YOU! Plus you lose weight GUARANTEED @ Fit Club, where else can you do that?!
I believe our track record speaks for itself.
At FIT club, we bridge the gap between what a gym membership and personal training would cost you.
We provide all the benefits of personal training such as:
💃Ensuring you are doing the exercises safely and correctly.
👍Motivating you to give your best effort.
⏰Providing the most effective workouts in the shortest period of time. With results GUARANTEED*!
But what personal training or that fancy/cheap gym membership can’t mimic is that vital community aspect and the energy of group workouts with skilled professionals @ Fit Club. The energy is what makes you give an extra 10-15%. We’re willing to bet you will work harder in a group setting than a one-on-one training session. We are ready to challenge you, sweat with you and help you every step of the way to lifelong, lasting results!
*How do your challenges and incentive programs work?
*We offer classes year-round with different themed challenges. This means you always have a reason to come in, come back and keep getting results (most important!).
*How should I prepare for my first bootcamp?
  1. Wear quality pair of cross training shoes
  2. Athletic clothing for indoor/outdoor workouts
  3. Water & towel
  4. A BIG smile
  5. Make sure you pre-register for your session…. you PLAN to get fit or fail to. Period!
*How do I sign up?
You can sign up for a 2 week trial membership easily, with our secure class scheduling system. It’s that easy! CLICK HERE! Apply for our 6 week FIT4Life Program by filling out the simple admission form HERE!
*What is the refund policy?
We have a no refund policy due to the fact that we have limited space and spots available. We also plan workouts, staffing, and equipment according to the numbers of people.
*What are the aerial and fitness classes currently offered?
– Barre, Pilates, Flexibility and Stretching… Aerial *and* grounded options too!
– Cardio dance aka Dance FIT
– Pound: The Rockout Workout
– Aerial silks, hoop (aka Lyra) and yoga
*Are kids allowed?
Bootcamps are available for participants in Middle School and older. All non bootcamp classes are open to participants in elementary school and up!
*Instructor Qualifications
We hold high standards for our Fit Club coaches. All coaches are required to hold a nationally recognized certification.


Note:  Lose weight guarantee & skinny jeans raffle offer only valid with successful completion of 6 week FIT4Life program and completion of full time membership agreement. Offers and promotions do not negate or apply to membership or contract agreements and are subject to availability, terms and conditions may apply.

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