We truly believe each person has the potential to be the best version of themselves, and we know it takes support and resources to get there… Join the Club! Lake Mary Fit Club, that is!

What you’ll find at Fit Club is the BEST 30 & 45 min* bootcamps of your workout life, along with the full support of our trainers to help you with all of your wellness and nutrition needs. It’s an important part of our memberships- completely complimentary and customized for you!

We use FitBit technology to help you track your heart rate, calories burned and other important measures of your success, with the data sent after each class for analysis and collaboration with our trainers. This keeps you motivated, accountable and with a “fit” friend who is able educate you as well as empower you to become that fit person you’re meant to be!

Because we care about more than just your physical health, we also offer unique group exercise classes, inside of our trainer run gym. We know getting fit has to be fun to get optimal results… and it is at Fit Club!

Apply for our FIT4Life program, 6 weeks of UNLIMITED bootcamps, FREE nutrition coaching, nutrition plan, custom cook book & more- plus lose weight guaranteed*!

We can’t wait to meet you. xoxo KK and the Lake Mary Fit Club team.

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MONTHLY SPECIAL: Get ready for for the holidays! Spots are limited- sign up today! GET FIT & HAVE FUN … we want to make you FIT4Life, with 6weeks of UNLIMITED small group bootcamps and FREE nutrition coaching, FREE planning and cook book, plus so much more! Lose weight GUARANTEED! LEARN MORE HERE!   

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